On January 2013, the Public Service Commission revised PART 96. RESIDENTIAL ELECTRIC SUBMETERING. In the revised laws the Public Service Commission requires a portion of the electric submeters to be tested annually.

§ 96.7 Electric Submetering Equipment Requirements

(b) Ensuring Continued Submeter Performance – submeter inspection and testing programs shall be instituted to ensure that residents of submetered premises continue to receive reliable and accurate electric consumption measurements. The submeterer or submeterer’s agent shall conduct an annual testing program to analyze a statistically significant sample of the in-service submeters in accordance with the testing procedures and standards outlined in 16 NYCRR Parts 92 and 93. Submeters that do not meet the requirements of 16 NYCRR Parts 92 and 93 shall be corrected or recalibrated as soon as practicable but no later than 1 year after testing unless otherwise ordered by the Commission.

In summation, the new law requires testing of a four percent (4%) sample of the meters in all submetered Buildings.

Bay City Metering has been working with the Public Service Commission and has had representatives from the Public Service Commission at our test lab to ensure we conform to the new laws and have the proper equipment to meet the Public Service Commission’s requirements to perform this test on the tenant’s submeters.