Excellence since 1974

When we started out with the serious business of electrical cost allocation and distribution, we decided that our position would be to work with the Utility Company and our customers to try to reduce the problems associated with the ever increasing usage of electricity.  In the early 1970’s, Con Edison was experiencing problems producing sufficient power to service their electrical distribution system.  We demonstrated that uncontrolled and frivolous electrical usage would only increase the cost of the Utility’s services. Submetering was an obvious solution: promoting conservation, helping the Utility meet their reduced power requirements, and aiding the consumer by reducing their cost of electricity.

Our assessment of the situation worked well for both the consumer and the Utility Company.  Submetering, as an industry was reborn and is still growing, providing benefits to both service provider and service user.

Service we are proud of

At Bay City Metering, we rely upon our experience to incorporate all that we have learned over the years to provide accurate information and service.  Our personnel are of high caliber from the President right on down the corporate ladder.  We maintain our computer systems to the highest level and are constantly upgrading our systems to perform faster and more efficiently so that we are capable of providing better service for you.  We value our customers highly and endeavor to put the customers’ concerns about the service rendered on an individual basis to gain the customer’s confidence and trust.

  • Bay City Metering (BCM) is a privately held corporation
  • BCM employs a graduate Electrical Engineer who is licensed as a Professional Engineer in the State of New York
  • BCM currently employs more than two dozen people including:
    • Meter readers – for data retrieval
    • Computer personnel – for processing and analysis of tenant bills
    • Customer sales representatives – for handling tenant questions and complaints
    • Administrative personnel – for handling company business
    • Technical personnel – for testing and repair of electro-mechanical and electronic metering equipment.

Leadership Team

  • Mr. James Carey – Owner & President – Knowledgable in every aspect of the industry
  • Mr. Marc Reimer, PE- Managing Director – Specializes in auditing & analysis, engineering design
  • Mr. Richard Fazio – Specialty is the operation & maintenance of systems and billing

How can we help your business?

For more information, please contact our office at (212) 575-0785, or send an email using the form on this page. We look forward to speaking with you.