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Bay City Metering regularly works with buildings to improve energy efficiency. Lighting upgrades are one of the simplist and most cost effective ways to meet those goals. We’ve converted buildings from T12 to T8 lamps, from incandescent to compact fluorescents, and now we’re working closely in the fields of LED lighting.

As LEDs began to grow in the market, Bay City Metering began meeting with the manufacturers to find the best product. We’ve found an American manufacturer who provides high quality bulbs, with patented technology, to ensure the proper lifespan and quality over the life span of their bulbs.

Customer Testimonial for Bay City Metering & Independence LED Projects

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Longer life and reduced operating costs

LED LightingLED lighting reduces both electrical and maintenance expenses. The most obvious savings come from reduced electrical consumption. LED lighting technology offers lamps and bulbs that burn just as, or even more brightly than their predecessors, yet consume up to 65% less electricity.

Existing light bay and troffer fixtures can be easily retrofitted to accept a new LED tube/bulb configuration.

The longer life span of new bulbs and lamps creates even further savings due to the fact that they need to be replaced less frequently. You are used to paying to replace bulbs every year. However, today’s advanced lighting products can last for more than 20 years — yet it wont take 20 years to realize the payback! In most cases, payback is less than 2 years. After that, you’ll realize savings of up to 65% of your current lighting costs.

How can we help you?

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