On a yearly basis, Bay City Metering can go into the property to read and record the main electrical risers in your property in order to begin a formal reporting of the electrical usage and pattern of how your risers are being used. This becomes extremely important for understanding what a tenant’s true load is compared to what the design engineers had calculated. This information will save Building Owners money by providing the proper information when its time to upgrade the electrical system.

Thermographic Scanning

Preventative Maintenance - Thermographic Scanning

Thermographic Scanner

It’s difficult to find a problem before it happens, but preventative and predictive maintenance can be done on energy systems to avoid reactive measures or otherwise preventable damage throughout the life of power equipment. One way to uncover potential issues is by using thermographic scanning services.

Bay City Metering uses infrared thermography and physical inspection to pinpoint thermal problems and other non-thermal related anomalies or code violations that could potentially get in the way of the safe and effective operation of a facility’s electrical infrastructure.

Experienced and certified infrared thermographers diligently survey a facility’s electrical infrastructure to ensure their thermographic profiles are normal, visually inspect all surveyed items, and where necessary, recommend corrections or enhancements to help improve overall maintenance and reliability, and reduce the possibility of equipment failures.

We conduct a complete thermal inspection and a thorough condition assessment of all surveyed electrical equipment on an annual basis, allowing us to trend the facility’s electrical infrastructure thermal performance year after year.

By detecting anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, infrared thermography allows corrective actions to be made before electrical, mechanical, or process equipment malfunctions. Avoidance of an imminent failure will often pay for the inspection several times over.

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