NYC CleanHeat

It’s the law…

In April of 2011, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued regulations that will require buildings to convert from heavy forms of heating oil to cleaner fuels, beginning in July of 2012. The goal of NYC Clean Heat is to encourage and assist buildings in converting to the cleanest available fuels.

Natural Gas is Better for the Environment and Your Budget.

Natural gas is an efficient, safe, and reliable fuel source. It costs less than heating oil, and is one of the cleanest-burning fuels available. Converting to natural gas will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the air quality in your community.

Natural gas is economical, convenient, and cleaner than heating oil, so it’s better for the environment. Natural gas currently costs less than heating oil, and natural gas customers avoid maintenance and equipment costs typically associated with oil heat, such as pumps, motors, filters, and permits. Natural gas is a reliable, domestic resource, piped directly to your home or building with no need to rely on fuel deliveries

How can we help you?

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