NYC Greater, Greener Building Plan (GGBP)
Local Law 84, as part of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, a portion of New York City’s comprehensive PlaNYC 2030, requires all of the city’s buildings greater than 50,000 gross square feet file data for EPA energy benchmarking through the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager system by May 1st of each year. This includes comprehensive building use and occupancy data as well as at least 12 complete months of comprehensive energy and water meter data.

Bay City Metering provides benchmarking services for its Ownerships, for both the properties we submeter and additional properties. Bay City Metering is one of the top twenty Benchmarking companies doing work in New York City and has been invited to sit in the Mayors roundtable on a yearly basis.

By letting Bay City Metering request, process and upload your data you can escape the hassle of tenant surveys, incomplete or incomprehensible meter readings, complicated data entry, and submission of ENERGY STAR filings. Using our comprehensive energy management system, our analysts and ENERGY STAR specialists will keep your data organized, accessible and up-to-date, potentially saving you hundreds of hours of labor and the stress of meeting EPA’s strict data submission parameters.

Once the data for your building has been uploaded, Bay City Metering will provide you with login information for the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager system, so you can understand and monitor your building’s progress and access the full range of analytics and documentation provided by the service.

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