Submetering services in NYC, NJ, CT
Bay City Metering offers the most flexibility and variety in utility meter reading options available today. Whether you prefer the latest in automated, remote meter reading, or require on-site direct reading, we have a submetering solution to meet the specific needs of your property.

We consider ourselves a comprehensive energy solution provider, and we work hard to optimize all aspects of your energy management.

Submeter installation and repair

At our core, we are meter experts. Starting with submeter installation, we know all meters — all varieties — so we can install and repair them anywhere in the country.

Furthermore, if you purchase your meters from Bay City Metering and we install them, we stand by them. This means if there is an issue with the installation, we will fix it. If another company installed your meters, and did not offer a similar provision, we can certainly perform an installation correction. Of course, we can also repair or replace meters of any type at any time.

Testing is performed to check for accuracy that all meters are capturing full tenant usage. We also verify that phasing, assignment and programming is correct.

Expertly fulfilling the needs of our customers

Submetering services in NYC, NJ, CT.We manage the diverse submetering solutions of residential and commercial properties throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Our expertise include:

Services provided

Bay City Metering’s team of professionals doesn’t cut corners when it comes to providing exceptional submetering service to our residential and commercial properties. We have a full staff of meter readers to read your meters on site. Plus our commitment goes beyond simply collecting the data to include:

  • Reading and reporting of tenant electric, water, steam, and/or gas submeters monthly and preparation of periodic bills for presentation to the tenants calculated in accordance with the terms of their lease agreement and/or as per your specific instructions.
  • Acting as a representative in all matters concerning the utility billing submitted to the building by the local Utility Company.  This entails having the building’s utility bills forwarded to our office for confirmation of charges and recording of the electrical consumption.
    • Providing auditing of the Utility and ESCO bills
  • Answering any and all tenant complaints or questions regarding submetering or billing and making any corrections as required.
  • Acting as a technical representative in all matters concerning the submetered utility charges billed for consumption to the tenants within the building as well as assisting legal representation in the preparation of the lease agreement for prospective tenants with reference to the utility paragraphs or sections.
  • Being available at all times during normal work week hours to check, re-check and/or recalculate tenant billing, as required.
  • Being available at all times during normal work week hours to check, test and/or recalibrate any tenant submeter that appears to be functioning improperly and sending a written report of our findings.
  • Preparation of a written report, of our discovery, of tenant installations, where submetering is concerned, that are not in conformance with the rules and regulations of the local Codes.
  • Preparation of a sales journal indicating the current monthly charges for all tenants, the total amount due to the building, the sales taxes for each category of deduction, the NYC Return of Excise Tax figure (Form UXS), the NYS Utility Tax & Surcharge (Form CT-400), and the MTA Business Tax Surcharge (Form CT-186-A/M).
  • Fully up to date with the new PSC residential submeterings laws and the requirements necessary for properties to remain in compliance.
    • Annual HEPFA letters
    • Annual meter accuracy testing
  • Electronic transfer of Billing data to minimize turnaround time.

How can we help you?

Let’s discuss the submetering solutions that may be appropriate for your property. Please call our office at (212) 575-0785, or send us an email using the form on this page. We look forward to speaking with you soon.